Bi-Plane Graphic Laminating & Custom Framing Inc.
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  Since 1986, Bi-Plane Inc. has framed everything from police badges, priceless artifacts, historical documents, to vintage & modern sports memorabilia.  Custom framing is an art form that requires years of varied experiences to truly execute the craft as well as we do.

  Intinctively improving we now offer majestic printing & stretching of authentic artist canvas. Perfect for home, office or commercial spaces. 

  Essential alternatives to fFrames & glass are plaques, floatmounts, flushmounts & laminated images. These work well when placed in areas proned to high humidity like kitchens, bath or change rooms.

  Bring us your images and challenge us, you'll be truly amazed!  Whether for business, events or art displays we now provide a full array of Digital Printing Services, providing a fusion of printing and finishing to give you everything you need in one place.

Discover who will set you apart. Our individualized approach to customer service provides the best solutions, quality, and price.


Alan Blythe BFA Hons.