Bi-Plane Graphic Laminating & Custom Framing Inc.
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Fine Art Printing

  Pronounced "jhee-clay",Giclee is a sophisticated inkjet method of printing on acid free watercolor papers and canvas.  Precise pigment printing can render subtle gradations and many colors that would be out of range with other technologies. 

  We employ the latest Epson printers with K3 pigment inks that create impressive images up to 63.5" wide. All of our substrates are archival, acid free and handled with white glove care.

  If you’re looking for an impressive way to display your photography or artwork, stretched canvas is a striking presentation for both large and small pieces. Your print is professionally transferred onto canvas. Then stretched onto stretcher bars for an exquisite Gallery Wrap finish.

  To protect your piece we offer a top coat clear varnish. In addition we can actually put
special hand-applied  brush strokes onto the surface of the print for a one off look. Cool or what?

3 Different Stretcher Bar Depths
(3/4", 1 1/2", 2 1/2")

Pricing Formula: 

Width X Height = ? ÷ 144 = Square Footage

Sq Ft X $(rate) = Your Price